EvoGolf offers three customized membership options: EvoGolf, EvoMaster and EvoProfessional. Each of these memberships allows you to use the club in a way that suits your needs and lifestyle.

EvoGolf: Standard membership gives you basic benefits, including a set number of simulator lessons and access to our world-class club and fitness areas.

EvoMaster: Perfect for the dedicated golfer who wants to play more and enjoy additional benefits, including extra simulator lessons and all privileged access.

EvoProfessional: Ideal for those who want to use the club more intensively, with the highest quota of simulator lessons and all exclusive club privileges.

General benefits for all members: Unlimited access to our state-of-the-art facilities. Participation in exclusive club events and tournaments. 15% discount on additional simulator and trainer lessons. After purchasing your membership, you will receive access to our booking portal within 48 hours, where you can manage all club offers.

Paying for your membership is straightforward and convenient with our monthly payment option. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can opt for an annual payment. For more details and to proceed with the yearly payment option, please visit EvoGolf Yearly Payment.

EvoGolf Berlin Membership

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Important Note: By proceeding with the payment, you agree to our Terms of Use. Please ensure that you have read and understood all terms and conditions related to our services and memberships before completing your transaction. Your purchase indicates your acceptance of these terms.

Dear golf enthusiasts,

As Managing Director of EvoGolf, I would like to welcome you to our unique golf community. At EvoGolf, we have made it our mission to bring the traditional sport of golf to the vibrant heart of the city of Berlin. Our vision is to create a dynamic and innovative environment where golf is not just a sport, but an experience.

EvoGolf stands for the combination of tradition and modernity, of sporting challenge and social togetherness. Our modern Trackman golf simulators offer a realistic playing experience, and our club atmosphere invites you to linger and network. With us, you can improve your game, make new friends and become part of a vibrant community.

When you buy a membership at EvoGolf, you’re not just choosing a place to play golf, you’re choosing a home where you can share your passion with like-minded people. I look forward to getting to know each member personally and working with you to shape the future of golf.

Welcome to EvoGolf – your urban golf experience.

With sporting greetings

Robin Stegemann

Gründer, Evogolf Berlin

EvoGolf – The Revolution of Indoor-Golfsports in Berlin.