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Welcome to EvoGolf, the innovative golf club in the heart of Berlin, Kurfürstenstraße 31. We offer you a unique opportunity to get your golf license in the middle of Berlin. Our course for only 249 EUR is your ticket to the world of golf!

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WHat you can expect:

Intensive Training

Enjoy 3x double hours of golf training, led by our experienced golf coach. Our courses take place weekly and can be adapted to your schedule.

Modern Technology

By using our state-of-the-art TrackMan technology, you will learn golf faster and more effectively. This innovative equipment offers you a unique learning experience.

Exam on the golf course

The golf course exam takes place on one of our partner courses in the area. Use the whole day to practice on the course before you take your test.

Trial membership with EvoGolf

In addition to your training, you will receive a one-month trial membership at the EvoGolf Club. Use this opportunity to further improve your skills, train in the in-house gym and socialize with other golfers.

Small group experience

No courses with 10-12 people, here at EvoGolf you are in a small group with a maximum of 2-4 golfers. This maximizes the training effect and the time per student.

Your advantages with EvoGolf

Sign up for our golf course today and take the first step on your way to becoming a golfer. EvoGolf is more than just a golf club – it is a community characterized by passion and innovation.

The perfect introduction to golf

Our comprehensive range of courses is specially designed to make beginners' entry into the sport of golf as pleasant and efficient as possible.

It's always sunny at EvoGolf

The weather is always good here in the EvoGolf Lounge.

Networking and fun

At EvoGolf you will meet a lively community of golfers of all levels. It's the ideal place to make new friends, expand your network and perhaps find your next golf partner.

Are you interested in a membership?

You can take out such a membership through our partner VCG and gain access to all golf courses in Germany.

FAQ – Häufig gestellte Fragen

What does the course at EvoGolf in Berlin-Schöneberg include?

The course at EvoGolf includes 3 double hours of intensive golf training with an experienced golf trainer, use of the latest TrackMan technology, a test on the Stolper Heide golf course, a one-month trial membership of the EvoGolf Club, and a small group experience with a maximum of 4 people per course. The course takes place weekly.

How can I register for the course and how much does it cost?

You can register for the course on site or online via our booking tool Calendly. A maximum of 4 people can register per date. The course costs only 249 EUR per person.

What are the advantages of a trial membership with EvoGolf?

With the one-month trial membership at EvoGolf, participants can further improve their golf skills, use the in-house gym, exchange ideas with other golfers and become part of a lively community of golfers of all levels. It also offers the opportunity to make new friends and expand your own network.

EvoGolf – Die Revolution des Indoor-Golfsports in Berlin.

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